A Mayor is Elected! #Celebrating50

As the City of Warrenville and the Historical Society continue to celebrate the City’s 50th Anniversary, we highlight the election of our first Mayor!

After Warrenville residents voted to incorporate on May 20, 1967, it was time to select a government. On August 3, 1967, the Warrenville Digest reported that Warrenville had elected a Mayor! Out of the three candidates, Bill Stafford was the choice!

The Mayor was sworn in and got to work right away. It would be another month before the City Clerk, Treasurer and Aldermen would be elected and the first Council meeting held.

It was an exciting time to watch the new city take shape!

On Sunday, September 17th at 1:30 p.m., the City will continue the celebration by opening a time capsule at the Albright Park Gazebo during Art on the Prairie. Join us that day to see the items that were placed in the capsule 30 years ago when the Gazebo was built.

You can also help us decide what should go into the 2017 time capsule. This 2017 capsule will be opened in 2067 when Warrenville celebrates its 100th! If you have ideas of what should be included to represent our lives in 2017, email us at info@warrenvillehistorical.org.


Debating Incorporation: Warrenville Celebrates 50 Years as a City

This is an exciting year for our community, as 2017 brings the 50th Anniversary of the City of Warrenville’s incorporation.  The debate around the incorporation was a hard fought one that occurred over several decades and multiple referendums. The first of seven votes held in 1927.  134 years after the founding of Warrenville by Colonel Julius Warren, residents voted for the formation of a governing body in May of 1967.


You can learn more about the debate around Warrenville’s incorporation at the Historical Society’s program “Debating Incorporation,” an event held in collaboration with the Warrenville Public Library and the City of Warrenville, on Sunday, January 29th at 2:00 p.m. at the Warrenville City Hall at 3S258 Manning Avenue. The event is free, registration is required through the Library at www.warrrenville.org or (630)393-1171.