Warrenville and the American Civil War: August 1863

As Henry Ford was just starting his life, having been born the previous month, Winfield Road was just being laid out in the growing village of Warrenville.  Warrenville residents in 1863 would have seen this as a new path to travel by foot, horseback or perhaps stagecoach, north and south on the east edge of the community; they never could have imagined it would develop into a major corporate destination off of a busy toll way as it is today. The 1863 citizens could have also never imagined that Henry Ford’s intuition and creative business mind would have allowed for the mass production of the automobile that would make Winfield Road much busier and noisier than in those early days of the road.

The month of August also brought the Warrenville boys in the 105th Illinois Infantry into a larger metropolitan as they arrived in Nashville, Tennessee.  Our volunteers were joining the other Union forces stationed at the first state capital to fall to the Union troops.  As part of the Union occupying force, Warrenville soldiers were under the command of future President Andrew Johnson who was the acting Military Governor of Tennessee.  The men were tasked with holding the city and protecting it from Confederate raids.

Taken from the Warrenville Historical Society’s program “1863 in 48 Minutes” that was held on January 27, 2013.


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