Women’s History Month: Mildred Baldwin

As part of our celebration of Women’s History Month, the Historical Society is featuring Mildred Baldwin-Artist (1899-1979), a local woman who made it possible for other women in Warrenville to be celebrated.  Please enjoy learning a little more about this wonderful woman and the others that she featured in her column in upcoming posts.  Her column is also on display in our Art Gallery with an index of the featured women; stop in and look up your grandmother, mother, or even yourself!

As the writer of the famed column “Women of Warrenville” that ran in the Warrenville Digest in the 1960s and early 70s, Mildred Baldwin succeeded in making it possible for at least half of the women of Warrenville at that time to be recognized for who they were and what they had achieved.  The weekly newspaper column consisted of a biographical sketch as well as a fashion design type pencil sketch. The column encouraged the community to appreciate its women and it gave the women a reason to feel good about who they were and their accomplishments.


Mildred received her art education at the Herron Art Institute, the Academy in Chicago and the Farnsworth School in Sarasota, Florida. As a young woman, Mildred was an advertising manager and fashion artist in Detroit.  After moving to Warrenville, she not only did the weekly column on women, but she also taught art classes in oil, water color, charcoal, and acrylics, as well as offering instruction in commercial art and fashion illustration.  The Warrenville News stated in its September 28, 1961 issue that Mildred was a particularly good teacher for beginners because of her emphasis on the fundamentals of drawing and composition.  She is also remembered for the annual art shows, somewhat like our current “Art on the Prairie,” that she held on her lawn at 28 W 456 Batavia Road in Warrenville.

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  2. Mildred Baldwin was a friend of my grandmother, Edna Fruedenberger. They often painted together. I also remember Maxine Wagner, she & her husband had the dance studio in town for most of my youth. Barbara Natzke was also a large part of Warrenville History, with her Warrenville Digest” missive! This site is such a treasure! Thanks for the blast from our past!

    Elizabeth Binns Krueger

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