Warrenville and the American Civil War: February 1863

The local toll of the Civil War continued to be felt in Warrenville and on February 4th, Freddie Cooper and Charles Bartholomew were buried in the Warrenville Cemetery.  As their brothers were laid to rest, the rest of the Warrenville boys serving in the 105th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers moved their base from South Tunnel to Gallatin, Tennessee.  Dr. Waterman, the local surgeon assigned to the Regiment, left Warrenville, where he had been taking a quick break from service, to join the boys as they moved camps in the harsh February weather.

Local townspeople were also doing their part to help the volunteers struggling through the cold February weather by gathering and preparing supplies to send south.  As Hiram Leonard states in his diary that provides much detail of the daily life in Warrenville during the Civil War, he was gathering boots and other needed items, including medicine to send to the soldiers.  Hiram’s housekeeper’s son, William Wray, whom he had helped raise, was among the men in the 105th Regiment that desperately needed the supplies from home and it is no doubt Hiram had him in mind as he gathered the goods.

Taken from the Warrenville Historical Society’s program “1863 in 48 Minutes” that was held on January 27, 2013.


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  1. He is always sick…but the journal is fun to follow

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