Civil War Diaries, November 21, 1862

Ashley Carpenter Diary Entry:

“Nov. 21  Was detailed this morning for picket duty.  We reported at 7 o’clock to regimental headquarters.  Went from there to Gen. Wards & then to Dumonts Headquarters.  Consumed half of the forenoon in parading about there & then went one mile east of town on the Glasgow road.  Capt. Graves went with us.  I had nothing to do as there were three Corporals, one to each relief but to look around & please myself.  I wrote a letter to Delina Currier.  The boys helped themselves pretty freely to pies that were being carried to town by Citizens.

At night we slept in an old building that had been use for a House, barn & blacksmith shop.  Capt Graves and myself slept in a trough that had been used for a feed manger.  I slept for about three hours & then the cold woke me.  After warming I again laid sleeping soundly for two or three hours & then warmed & slept alternately until morning.

Night of the boys went out in the evening after forage but returned without any thing.  The darkies were out guarding the roosts & sheep folds.”

Hiram Leonard Diary Entry:

21st Friday  A fine pleasant day  I did my choars was a fixing corn crib, had Russeguie & team, N. Derry, Jerry Dady, Wm Hudson, Jerome Beardsley, James Ward, all day & Knox in afternoon, was at office in evening came home at 9 & went to bed about 10 sick.”


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