Civil War Diaries, November 13, 1862

Ashley Carpenter Diary Entry:

“Nov. 13  The cattle were all right in the morning.  We got our breakfast which was very scanty & then sent two boys into camp after provisions.  They returned with some salt, sugar & crackers & the butchers commenced slaughtering the beeves & we had plenty of liver to eat & carry back to the boys in camp.

I recd a letter from Sister Jannie.

As I was sitting with the boys by the fire writing in my diary a stranger soldier came to us purporting to be Q M of the 102nd Regt in our brigade.  I notice him closely as I continued writing & he spoke wishing to know if I was taking his portrait.  I assured him I was; that sketching was my profession.  He said that he heard that we had an artist in the Division but was surprised to know that I was he. I soon closed my book & put it in my pocket upon which he requested seeing it.  I refused him, telling him that my sketches in this work were merely outlines drawn off in stenographic form & that I alone understood them.  With the aid of the other boys we made a fine joke & the stranger left us none the wiser for his call.

Twenty one beeves were slaughtered during the day & we threw a fence around the remaining four, sent eight men back to camp & the rest of us guarded through the night.”

Hiram Leonard Diary Entry:

13th Thursday fine cool weather for Nov.  I did my choars was at the office all day & evening came home by Hoyts about 9 got home 9 ½ & soon went to bed nearly sick.”


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