Civil War Diaries, November 2, 1862

Ashley Carpenter Diary Entry:

“Nov. 2nd  It is Sabbath morning again & we are marching.  We are passing over a dreary road with frowning Hills looking down upon us from every side.  We paused for one hour at noon on a battle field scarce six weeks old at Munfordsville.  A short distance from here is a field that was strewn with war victims one year ago.

A little way off upon a hill is a burying ground of those fallen in the late battle where a hundred heartbroken & interested friends & relatives are looking for missed ones.  We came to the river at Munfordsville where a pontoon bridge had been burned.  The R.R. bridge had been burned, but was just rebuilt.  It was the most splendid fabric in the bridge line I ever saw.  We marched along 7 miles beyond & then pitched for the night.  I had to wait an hour for my overcoat & blankets after dark.  I slept cold during the night.  This was our eighth days march.

While we were at Munfordsville our mail was distributed.  I got four letters.  One from Miss S E A, dated Oct. 5.”

Hiram Leonard Diary Entry:

2nd Sunday  A stormy day rained some & snowed at 10 pretty fast.  I did my choars went to office called at Hoyts came home, fixed my apples & cider & choared round the house some cleaned out the barn & hog pens etc wrote in evening & went to bed at 9.”


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