Warrenville Cemetery Walk

We hope to see you all this Sunday at our 5th Annual Cemetery Walk, for more information please see our post on this event https://warrenvillehistorical.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/fifth-annual-cemetery-walk/.  As we prepare for a night in the cemetery, please read a little more about this Warrenville landmark.

The gravestone of Ashley Carpenter, Warrenville’s first Civil War casualty.

The Warrenville Cemetery is  managed by the Warrenville Cemetery Association.  The Cemetery Association is the oldest organization in town outside of the Baptist Church.  It was incorporated by the state legislature in 1845.  At that time it was just 1 acre.  A year later, Julius Warren sold it another acre.  During the Civil War the number of graves in the tiny cemetery almost doubled and additional burial ground was purchased from William Manning.  Today it encompasses approximately 5 acres.  There are 2,950 gravesites in the cemetery and about 1,500 are occupied.

In 1851 the Association voted to enclose the ground with a picket fence.  Lack of funds and labor postponed this project until 1853.  The chain fence and decorative entrances now beautifying the grounds were the loving work of John Player, former sexton of the cemetery.  He was also instrumental in having the large flower urn brought into the cemetery from the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad property when train service was terminated.  He did have plans for a “For Whom the Bells Toll” arch above the bell towers at the entrance.

The flag platform was a joint effort of the Cemetery Association, the VFW and the Ladies Auxiliary.   It was completed around 1995-1996 and was dedicated on May 29, 2000.



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