Civil War Diaries, October 19, 1862

Ashley Carpenter Diary Entry:

“Sunday Morning Oct. 19  The road as usual was lined with straglers.  Fred started with us.  We went 1 ½ miles on the wrong road.  Came back to town & took another road & he went back to camp sick.  Mr. OConner fell back sick about five miles from Frankfort.

The rebels evacuated the town as we approached our advance guards captured some prisoners, 27 in number 4 horses & 1 wagon.  We lay on the ground for an hour or two & then counter marched reaching Frankfort at 7 oclock making 30 miles in 18 hours with more than three hours rest.  When we were within five miles of Frankfort the Column halted for an hours rest myself & two others traveled right along to warm the cooks to prepare supper.  We evaded the patrols by crossing the river in a skiff & reached camp a half hour before the rest.  We were tired & exhausted many going to sleep supperless.”

Hiram Leonard Diary Entry:

19th Sunday  A fine cool day & evening.  I did my choars called at store came back drew a load B corn stalks & covered up my B corn, picked some apples & did my choars called at Hoyts in evening came home at 9 & soon went to bed.  H Gould & family came here & started home about 4.”


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