Civil War Diaries, October 2, 1862

Ashley Carpenter Diary Entry:

“Oct. 2  Started at six on the Madison & Indianapolis RR.  Ever since we left Terra haute we have been in the wood, seeing no prairie land but that wrought by the ax of man and so it continued until we reached the Ohio River.

We arrived at Jeffersonville a town one mile North of Louisville at (3) three oclock in the afternoon of the 3dth day.  Riding 36 hours & lying stationary (10) ten hours in the cars.  Making in total 46 hours on the way from Chicago to Louisville.

While passing through a town named Seymour between Indianapolis & Louisville the generous people gave us all they had in the eatable line for which by me they will long be remembered.  A passing observation swelled my heard with gladness –to see the expression of patriotism prevalent along the road.  Old men & boys cheered us along with their “God Speed,” Mothers & maidens were enthusiastic in greeting us, & little children waved hats, bonnets & handerchief’s in salutation.  And the ovation was so universal that my patriotism never was so aroused.  I felt that my life for them was a trifle.

We received our arms & equipage & was until 9 oclock drawing them.  We then marched (3) three miles, through the city among the encampments of 200,000 soldiers.  Many fell to the rear, others mounted the baggage wagons, & some fainted in the ranks.  When we reached camp our clothes were saturated with sweat & we laid down upon the naked Earth to sleep without supper. ”

Hiram Leonard Diary Entry:

2nd Thursday  rather a cloudy damp day & night, I did my choars was at the office the most of the day & evening came home by Hoyts about 8 got home about 9 & went to bed about 10 sick.”


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