Civil War Diaries, October 1, 1862

Ashley Carpenter Diary Entry:

“Oct. 1  The streakings of daylight found us a deranged appearing set of people.

We were still riding on the Illinois Central RR at about 9 oclock we struck an easterly course changing our train over upon the Terrahaute Alton & St. Louis Road at Mattoon.  We crossed many a bridge whose towering form looked like a net-work set to entrap us, but the genius of man wrought upon it effectually and like a spider in his web we skipped over it unharmed.  We passed the Ill. state line at 12 oclock.  In fifteen minutes more we were halted in Terra Haute & as we left here for about 20 miles there was some of the poorest looking farming land I ever saw.

At 7 oclock we were in the hoosier capital where we remained during the night.  The last fifty miles was exceedingly dry.  The rain had not reached them.

But during the night at Indianapolis the rain came down quite easily.  We slept in the cars & at six oclock in the morning wet out for Louisville.”

Hiram Leonard Diary Entry:

October 1st Wednesday  rather a fine day & evening.  I did my choars was at the office all day & evening came home about 8 got home at 9 & went to bed about 10 nearly sick.”


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