Hiram E. Leonard Diary, August 17, 1862

17th Sunday  rather a cloudy damp morning but rather a fine day.  I did my choars went to the office came home wrote some was round home the most of the day fixed paster fence some Wm & S. B. Austin stacked Wm wheat a part of the day.  David McNelly, his Mother, Eliza, Young Potter & a girl came to Wrays and took dinner & went home towards night,  S. Millard’s funeral was at the Baptist Meeting house at 3 oclock today, I called at Hoyts in evening, came home between 8 & 9 & went to bed between 9 & 10 nearly sick.  Hanna preached Millards Funeral Sermon, D McNelly & his folks started for home about 6 or a little before.”