Civil War Diaries, August 6, 1862

We hope all of our followers are enjoying a glimpse into the life of a Warrenville resident during the Civil War years captured in the Hiram Leonard diary.  We are happy to be able to add to our daily postings with entries from the diary of Ashley Carpenter, who was a sergeant in Company B of the 105th Regiment.  Ashley left Warrenville in the fall of 1862 to fight for the Union in the American Civil War.  He was also the nephew of Colonel Julius Warren and sadly became Warrenville’s first Civil War casualty.

For the next five months we will be supplementing the daily posts with Ashley’s diary entries during his enlistment and service in the Union army.

Ashley Carpenter Diary Entry:

Aug. 6  Enlisted in the Grand National army

Hiram Leonard Diary Entry:

6th Wednesday  rather fine weather but cold & some cloudy & muggy.  I did my choars was at the office all day & evening came home about 8 by Hoyts got home about 9 & went to bed before 10 nearly sick a bad week for harvesting hot muggy & showerey.”