Warrenville Inspired Featured Artist: Alexis Lee Ortiz-Duarte

With only two weeks left to see the Warrenville Inspired art exhibition, we hope we will see you at the Museum on either Thursday from 4-7pm or Sunday from 1-4pm.  Before you make your trip to see this inspiring exhibit, we hope you enjoy learning a little bit about Alexis Lee Ortiz-Duarte, who used a piece by local artist Valerie Benson for his Warrenville inspired piece.

Alexis installing his piece "Growth" for Warrenville Inspired

Artist Statement:

“Mine is a fickle muse and so my inspirations reside in the moment to moment. At once obsessed with sheer process [as my hands are apt to feel whole when pulling, twisting, molding, and blending] I find most issues breached tend toward the dramatic and often times comically sentimental notions of graceful tension. I have trained myself to wield the mighty threaded needle, capturing curve and honoring space in the round as well as the flat, marked as it is, by plume and ink. Evolution though has me attracted to paper, wire and tape… most of which can be copped freely and free me from the weight and wait that clay vests, though I never wish to escape it. Most if not all visuals, be them dreamed or on the fly, are manifested imaginings who’s sole purpose is but to register as worthy and necessary contributions to our culture as a whole. It is in doing what I do that I am able to feel an integral part of this world… myself.”

To learn more about Alexis and his work, please see his blog http://orejonejo.wordpress.com/.


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